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What's happening ?!?!

Mankind and Planet Earth appear to be heading for disaster.  If we manage to avoid nuclear and biological war, we might survive the 21st century.  Computers offer one ray of hope to humanity; science offers another.  As long as we use our new powers wisely, we may strive for, and obtain, a strong, unified and harmonious world under a FREE-WHILST-FAIR system of justice and government.
When I came back from Afghanistan in 1978, I used to tell everyone that I loved the formidable and dignified Afghani people.

Montmartre, 1964    

Then look what happened. Over 26,000 civilians have been killed in 40 years of misguided and disastrous wars.
World Travel to Five Continents

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This is my attempt to express a new philosophy which can save mankind in the 21st century (published 1995).

Unity Consciousness and the Perfect Observer Front Cover There is a Problem There is a Solution This is It That is That O Back Cover

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If this makes no sense, nor this, then try this.
The 5 Propositions You are Special
Atman is Brahman
Quantum Ontology

Quantum Everything

There is no way back to simple materialism.

Newton himself was not a materialist but his theories have led to a materialist philosophy acccepted by most of the Western world. Now we have to look at the new physical theories. These theories, in particular quantum theories, have replaced Newton's theory. They are fantastically successful and leave no way back to the old ideas.

Many, including Einstein, put their faith in some as yet undiscovered "hidden-variable theory" which would bring back the old certainties of materialism. There now appears to be little hope of that even though every time an example of such a theory is proposed and refuted another is proposed in its place. This is what Bohr called "telling God what to think".

There is no way back to simple separability.

Experiments have confirmed theory which involves "passion at a distance" - a correlation between separate events with no deterministic link.

Even given new dimensions in space-time, or tubes connecting black and white holes, or some new as yet unknown M-theory, physicists assume a quantum understanding.

Reality has a new meaning.

Eventually modern physics will be assimilated into our understanding and will lead to a radically new conception of reality.

Virtual reality as conceived in modern gadgetry such as the Occulus Rift or Spherical VDU have already loosened our old solid notion of reality.

Quantum theory goes much further and leads to a paradigm shift as significant as any of those that have happened in cosmology since Aristotle.

We live in a very new world.

You can't help but notice the new devices that surround us now. Since the invention of the transistor in 1949 great things have happened on the tiny scale.

How long will it be before we all have implants that define our identity?

The future has many exciting possibilities.

Science fiction books are being replaced by sci-fi films and speculations on YouTube. Even science itself can look like mathematical metaphysics. There seems no limit to the human imagination, and that fabulous imagination is already producing an internet of actual things at a fantastic rate of knots ;-)

This is the real cause for excitement:

In the last 50 years physics has discovered two new fundamental theories that have the potential to change our world as much as the theory of electro-magnetism has. These theories are called electro-weak theory and quantum chromodynamics. Both have been tested to incredible precision - the discovery of the Higgs particle being the latest verification.

There is also real cause for concern.

20th century nuclear physics has provided sufficient understanding of our world to enable foolish men to destroy civilization.


What we need to understand...

  • Consciousness

    • There is no way that physics, as normally understood, is able to account for consciousness because inanimate objects are categorically different from subjective ideas.
    • No amount of matter, as it is currently understood, can conceivably become aware (which means the brain harbours a great secret).
    • No arrangement of matter, as it is currently understood, can generate mind as we experience it (which means we are altogether missing an essential aspect of the brain).
    • Nothing in physics, chemistry or biology, as they are currently understood, is capable of supporting our subjective experience of awareness (which means that science is missing something important).
    • Our current understanding is inadequate to provide a useful foundation for genuine artificial intelligence rather than fast algorithmic processing.
    • Psychedelic drugs do more to reveal the nature of mind than any traditional laboratory experiment.
    • Everyone should desire to be wiser because wisdom is the highest expression of understanding and has no known limits.
    • Understanding ego is not the goal. The goal is to understand the foundation or origin of ego.
    • We are in the midst of a revolution in our thinking (which means that dangerous powerful reactionary responses are to be expected).
    • Look to a radical interpretation of quantum matter for the theory of mind.


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