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Freedom and Justice are complementary concepts. You can't have one without the other. Freedom without Justice is anarchy. Justice without Freedom is slavery.

Mankind and planet Earth appear to be heading for disaster.  If we manage to avoid extinction caused by nuclear or biological warfare, we might survive the 21st century.  Pure science offers one bright clear ray of hope to humanity; machine intelligence offers another ray of hope.  As long as we use our new powers wisely we shall strive for, and obtain, a strong, unified and harmonious world under a FREE-WHILST-FAIR system of governance, and thrive.
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When I came back from India through Afghanistan to Scotland in 1978, I used to tell everyone that I loved the [formidable and dignified] Afghani people.

France, 1964    

Then look what happened. A huge number of innocent Afghani civilians have been killed in years of seriously misguided, disastrous wars.
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Unity Consciousness and the Perfect Observer


This is my best attempt to express a new philosophy which may save mankind in the 21st century (published 1995).

Unity Consciousness and the Perfect Observer Front Cover There is a Problem There is a Solution This is It That is That O Back Cover

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If this makes no sense, nor this, then try this, or some Indian Philosophy.
The 5 Propositions Lancaster seminar
Atman is Brahman
Quantum Ontology

Love is perfect communication.

Quantum Everything

There is no way back to simple materialism.

Isaac Newton (1642 - 1727) was not a materialist but his theories have led to a materialist philosophy, acccepted implicitly, if not explicitly, by most of the Western world. Now we have to look to new physical theories for greater understanding. These new "quantum" theories have replaced Newton's theory of mechanical forces. They are extremely successful in terms of the precision of their experimental predictions, and they leave no way back by any plausible route to the old ideas and beliefs.

Many, including Einstein, put their faith in some, as yet undiscovered, "hidden-variable" theory which would bring back the old certainties of materialism. There now appears to be little hope of that even though every time an example of such a reactionary, recidivist theory is proposed and refuted another is proposed in its place. This is what Bohr called "telling God what to think". Until the true meaning of quantum theory is well understood there will always be some scientists and philosophers who are unhappy with its foundations and wish to go back to a more solid "realistic" understanding.

There is no way back to simple separability.

Experiments have confirmed a theory which invokes "passion at a distance" - correlations between separate events with no deterministic link between them. This is counter-intuitive to our common sense.

Even given new extra dimensions in space-time, or wormholes connecting black and white holes, or some new as yet unknown M-theory, most physicists assume a quantum understanding, and quantum theory seems to encompass an inescapable non-locality, or non-separability.

Reality needs a new meaning.

Virtual reality, as conceived in modern gadgetry such as the Oculus Rift or Spherical VDU, has already loosened our old solid notion of reality.

Quantum theory goes much further and leads to a paradigm shift, perhaps as significant as any of those that happened in electromagnetics with Maxwell and Faraday, in material physics with Newton, in cosmology with Copernicus or Aristotle or in a religious understanding of nature with Jesus.

Eventually modern physics will be assimilated into our popular understanding and will lead to the adoption of a radically new conception of reality which I have called complexity because it seems to require domestication of imaginary numbers in our understanding of interphenomena.

We already live in a radically new world.

We have spent years sitting in front of our loud speakers and TV screens. Now we can't help but notice lots of new devices and experiences that amaze and astonish us, like Google Earth through an Oculus Rift, or a ride on a Segway transporter, or a brief encounter with an iPhone. Since the invention of the transistor in 1949 as a result of the application of quantum ideas to crystals, great things have happened on the tiny scale. Our gagets are shrinking in size and simultaneously becoming more powerful than we could ever have imagined.

How long will it be before we all have electronic or biological implants that define our public identity, determine our spending power and modify our behaviour? There arise many new ethical debates, all pressing for appropriate public agreements.

The future has many exciting possibilities.

Science fiction books have been overtaken by sci-fi films, like The Matrix (1999), and by various degrees of fabulous semi-scientific speculations all over the Internet. Current pure science research looks like mathematical metaphysics even to a well trained eye. There seems no limit to the 21st century human imagination, and that wonderous imagination is producing everything from a local network that controls your belongings to a global network linking you to your personal friends and associates.

There is genuine cause for optimism.

In the last 50 years physics has revealed two new fundamental theories that have the potential to change our world as much as the theory of electromagnetism has. These theories are called electroweak theory and quantum chromodynamics. Both have been tested to incredible precision - the discovery of the Higgs boson being the latest verification of both theories and of their partial unification. (Aside: I had the pleasure and privilege of attending Peter Higgs' lectures on general relativity at the Tait Institute in Edinburgh in 1970.)

A flight to the Moon before the 1950's was almost inconceivable and almost impossible because navigation by heavy, clunky, temperamental valve computers was so impractical. To quote Popular Mechanics (1949), "Computers in the future may weigh less than 1½ tons." How much has technology advanced!

As yet there are no household applications of either of our two new theories, but one day, if all goes well, there may be many, as yet inconceivable, practical everyday uses of both. Our new fundamental theories give us good reason to be sanguine, if not positively thrilled, about our prospects for this century and the next.

There is also real cause for concern right now.

Twentieth century nuclear physics has provided sufficient understanding of our world to enable foolish men to destroy civilization. We must not allow world-destroying weapons to exist. No one has the right to threaten the existence of all life on this planet, and yet that threat does exist. It is bad enough that we are plundering the finite resources of the Earth without restraint, but creation of apocalyptic weapons in the name of security is insanity, and having them activate by the click of a mouse sounds unbelieveably dangerous.

After 10 years of sustained growth, the US stock market in April 2019, was at a critical point. The chart below shows a recent sizeable correction to the expansion since the crash of 2008. The unfolding head and shoulders pattern could have heralded a reversal and downturn in the stock market. That did not happen. In April 2020 we were at another critical point and it remains to be seen whether the economy can withstand the added pressures of the coronavirus world lockdowns.

Standard & Poor's 500 Index
The fate of the indebted world has for a long time been under the control of the Federal Reserve central bank which can, at will, induce a crash in America by increasing interest rates or otherwise reducing liquidity. With the US National Debt now over $27tn, even a small increase in interest rates can make repayments impossible without incurring significant further debt. The whole financial system - of America, Europe and the rest of the world - is poised to collapse unless the huge debts can be managed safely.


 What we need to understand...

 Unity Consciousness

  • There is no way that physics, as normally understood, is able to account for consciousness because inanimate objects (like bricks) are categorically different from subjective ideas (like hunger). Could quantum physics be very different in some fundamental way?
  • No amount of matter, as commonly understood, can conceivably become aware (which means the brain harbours a great secret). Is this still inconceivable with a quantum understanding of matter?
  • No arrangement of matter, as it is commonly understood, can generate mind as we experience it (which means we are altogether missing some essential aspect or characteristic of the brain). Could quantum mechanics surmount this long-standing hurdle or misunderstanding?
  • Swami Vivekananda
  • Nothing in physics, chemistry or biology, as they are currently understood, is capable of explaining our subjective experience of awareness (which means that our science is missing something important). Could science ever pin down or elucidate subjectivity?
  • Our current scientific understanding is inadequate to provide a useful foundation for genuine artificial intelligence other than simply providing fast algorithmic processing. Does genuine intelligence presuppose consciousness?
  • Psychedelic drugs might do more to reveal the nature of mind than any traditional laboratory experiment in psychology. Can we believe that certain drugs might enhance awareness and improve intelligence or is this necessarily unimaginable?
  • Everyone should desire to be wiser because wisdom is our highest expression of understanding and wisdom has no known limitations. Could understanding quantum mechanics truely make us wiser?
  • Understanding ego is not really the primary goal. The goal is to understand the foundation or origin of ego. Can you imagine that physics and psychology could be intimately connected through quantum mechanics or relativity?
  • We are in the midst of a revolution in our thinking (which means that powerful reactionary responses are to be expected). Where are our minds destined to reach when complex functions replace the homely numbers of arithmetic, or differential manifolds suprecede the simple straight lines of geometry?
  • I think we must look to a radical interpretation of quantum matter for a theory of mind because it is the best universal theory we have and it is fated to replace our mechanistic world view.
What is Mind?

 Beyond Reason

  • I don't know the ultimate significance of quantum field theory (or general relativity). However, Kochen and Specker proved that it is impossible to embed a quantum logic inside ordinary classical logic, although the reverse is possible. Therefore reason, as currently understood, must be superceded by some higher reason which one day we shall understand, appreciate and embrace.
  • I am not advocating irrationality (irrationality as has been approved and adopted by some postmodernists). Rather I am suggesting there is a better way to think and understand beyond the propositional logic or first or second order logic that has gripped deterministic scientific thinkers to date. This is what I mean by "beyond reason", quantum logic which is yet to be properly clarified.

 Beyond Reality

  • I don't know how to view the world except as a patently evident, authentic, indubitable, real presence. However, some study of modern physics together with some study of classical metaphysics, of logic, ontology and epistemology, lead me to believe in a world of wave functions which take all three classical notions of logic, ontology and epistemology, and combine them intimately into a new consistent whole that is proving hard to interpret, but which fits the scientific evidence like a glove.
  • What is Mind?
  • We have become very familiar with an essentially arithmetic and geometric world. Now the world is to be seen through new mathematics. The world is to be understood in terms of quantum wave functions - complex vectors in Hilbert space - rather than objective properties - real numbers on lines.
  • Real numbers do appear as a result of the application of mathematical operators, representing observables, acting on wave functions, representing the state of the world, so the real world has not exactly gone away. However Heisenberg's uncertainty principle appears immediately from the way that these operators combine with one another and by application of one of the most fundamental inequalities in mathematics, the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality. The world beyond the real is complex and more liquid than solid.
  • Geometry probably appeared quite opaque when first laid out in Euclid's axioms. Now functional analysis must be assimilated before a world described by complex state vectors can become familiar. Just as Euclid does not become completely redundant but is surpassed by curved Riemannian geometry, so the classical world of the rationalists is not completely redundant but is surpassed by complex Hilbert space. This is what I mean by "beyond reality", quantum ontology which is yet to be properly clarified.

If you can accept that there is only one consciousness that you are conscious of, yours, and that the 'outside' is what one refers to as physical reality, then I believe that you can appreciate the possibility of a deeply novel perspective on quantum truth and understanding. We need this new paradigm to save the world from disaster by encouraging responsibility for higher consciousness.

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