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There are ever greater quantities of information to be collected - daily, hourly, by the minute, every second... Gathering data begs questions. WHAT will you do with it, and HOW will you do it?

There are many disparate varieties of information, often related to money. Each domain has domain experts who have the knowledge required to make intelligent decisions in their field. We program intelligent decisions.

  • At Graeme Robertson Limited we create reliable computer systems for all sorts of businesses.
  • We welcome big and small multi-dimensional data, and data connected through complex mathematical relationships.
  • We build fine GUI front ends that achieve the business aspirations in accordance with user instincts.
  • Our solutions are created with the knowledge and advice of domain experts who supply the relevant information.
  • We do our little bit of magic by standing on the shoulders of giants.


A Practical Introduction to APL 1 & APL 2
ISBN-13 9780952416715

Published by ROBERTSON(Publishing), UK on 1st May 2008
Available from Amazon at £9.99

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(for beginners)
APL 1 & APL 2 A Practical Introduction to APL 3 & APL 4
ISBN-13 9780952416722

Published by ROBERTSON(Publishing), UK on 17th July 2008
Available from Amazon at £29.99

or Download FREE pdf file here
(for experts)
APL 3 & APL 4

"I have learnt more than I thought possible with just 4 days of training," wrote one bright actuarial student.

Click here to see the book review by Rebecca Burriesci.

That's the HOW; now the WHO and WHAT.

There is no point gathering volumes of data, numeric or linguistic, unless you intend to use it for something. You would be surprised to discover how many very large companies have used and still use APL for strategic applications. You can see more details of WHAT some of them have used it for here.

SSU Logo The Statistical Services Unit, based in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Sheffield University, has found our services of value in some of their consulting projects.
NetworkRail Logo Network Rail requested new features to be added to an existing asset management application for infrastructure maintenance and costing.
SimCorp Logo Assisted this Danish company to extend their asset management product, SimCorp Dimension, in a variety of ways.
L&G Logo Pension systems were developed and enhanced over a number of years for three departments of this top-tier UK insurance company.
RISCU Logo The Risk Initiative and Statistical Consultancy Unit, attached to Warwick University, found our services of value in some of their consulting projects.
TfL Logo Transport for London requested changes to the variance learning module of a statistical inference application.
AVIVA Logo An Aviva pension system was modified and enhanced with an extensive variety of new features and new legal requirements over a number of years.
AdminRe Logo Supported Admin Re in their critical fault-averse use and continuous improvement of an Aviva pension system.
Mouchel Logo Assisted Mouchel Rail in developing a civil engineering strategic cost modelling tool for analysing Network Rail infrastructure.
SKM Logo Supported Sinclair Knight Mrez in their adoption of the Mouchel Rail strategic cost modelling tool.

Projects for all these companies were carried out efficiently and with care by Graeme Robertson Ltd (2004 - 2017).

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